1001 taboos, 2005- 2006

In this project people could tell their taboos anonymously through postcards and through a website.
With these I made drawings, paintings, walldrawings and an animation installation.
It was shown in Super!, triennale in Hasselt, MAAC and Maïs, Brussels, B

"1001 taboos", drawing, 2006, MAAC, brussels, B

"julie", 90*90cm, high gloss on vynil, 2005

"ostrich", 90*90cm, high gloss on vynil, 2005

"1001 taboos", 2006, view from the exhibition @ MAAC, B

"you didn't let me", view from the installation, 2 animations, 2006, B

"1001 taboos", pink letterboxes for taboo postcards, 2006, MAAC, B