biophilia cracks, 2015

biophilia cracks is a project for URBANisM, for the city of Mechelen and unravels over the inner city of Mechelen during the summer of 2015.

Next to each installation from other participant artists I find plants that grow between the cracks.

Qr-codes inform you about the interaction of the plants on your body (herbalism) and on the soil (phytoremediation).

Urban space is today highly defined by stone, metal, concrete, bricks and glass.

Nature gets eradicated as much as possible.

Even where nature is admitted by the urbs, it has to be according to some rules based on aesthetic and practical criteria.

In the summer flowers are delighting our eyes, and in the botanical gardens and parks nature is offered as a scenery.

Nature has become culture, and our bond has been lost.

In this project i want to determine herbs that grow through the cracks. Cause’ there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. (L. Cohen)

Reinforce your bond with nature and go from aesthetics to ethics, to a better, more nourishing relation with our planet.
Discover your true connection with nature.
You are nature.