blind nature, 2009

For blind nature I interviewed blind people.
About their fascinations with nature.
How do they experience nature and what thrills them.

Black embossed drawings were made after these conversations.

They can be touched so blind people can also 'see' them. They are accompanied with fragments of our conversations.

This work was shown @ actionfields temporary art gallery in 2008.

For the second part of the exhibition i went to the woods with a blind lady in the autumn woods.
I interviewed her the first year and she told me she could feel the colours when she stayed quiet long enough.
After this walk i made a painting of her.

"081004-blind-nature", 21*21cm, embossed drawing on paper, 2008

"081007-blind nature", 21*21cm embossed drawing on paper, 2008

"blind nature", 100*140cm, oil on canvas, 2009