do you body, 2004

do you body is a project where i face people with their body.
do they listen to its signs, are they attentive, do they care.
what are their worries,
can they face them or do they lock them up deep inside,
so deep they get deaf and blind to the signs of their own body.
do they relate with it, love it, ignore it, use it, misuse it hate it care it?

kumi, 40x40cm, enamel on vynil  

stina, 40x40cm, enamel on vinyl  

golden shower, 100x100cm  

move me, 130 x 100 cm, enamel  

21x21cm, pen on paper  

21x21cm, pen on paper  

with animation in heart  

interactive application & drawings  

view of the exhibition in eindhoven  

view of the exhibition