mapping TIK (time inventor's cabinet), 2012

mapping TIK (time inventors cabinet) is a project realized in collaboration with ESC from Graz, Austria and OKNO, Brussels.
ESC had been following the evolution of Gestatten fields in the city of Graz. What was the evolution of these brown fields over time, what plants were growing there etc.
In March 2012 a bike tour was organized by ESC in Graz to visit the different Gestatten.
We then superposed this tour on Brussels and determined a bike tour that would cover some of Brussel's Gestatten. I made a mapping of these superimposed cities, with their flora. Their medicinal plants growing naturally and different points of views of their space.
It was a wall painting of 7 meters long by 3 meters high, and was to be seen during the TIK festival.