Oneness, 2010

Oneness was created for the project wijheizijweihij of Edith Doove for Vredeseilanden.

Collaboraton project with the organic farmers Koen and Stef Busschots.

I made paintings and drawings about these findings and made interventions in the fields.

But I also wanted to do something with the food they make. So I invited chefs from very different backgrounds to come and cook with the vegetables of the season.

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"Oneness path", 2010, 1000 calendula plants, B

"pink poles", 2010, paint on elements in the farm, B

"flowers and colours", 2010, ingredients grown at the farm, B

"amaranthus caudatus", 2010 21*21cm, watercolor on paper

"oneness paintings", 2010, oil and acryl on linen

"Oneness drawings", 2010, all 21*21cm, in plexiglass boxes