right back, 2016 -2018

Right back is a series of paintings i made after a long inner fight.
After weakness, illness and nothingness.
A desire to go back right to the core,
To make my heart sing again with the amazing vibes of layer after layer of vibrant colors,
to bring you right back where you belong.
To the core of your being,
Right back
And you can start
Right now

170328, 145 * 100 cm, oil on cotton  

170123, 50cm diam, acryl on canvas  

161025, 100 * 130cm, acryl on linen  

161115, 50 * 60 cm, acryl on linen  

161122, 60 x 70 cm, acryl on linen  

161128, 50 x 60 cm, oil on linen