URBAN ACTION CLINIC, 13 - 21 march, festival (im)Possible futures , Vooruit, Ghent

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia is the initiator of the project. It is a collaboration project between artists and scientists. More info on the above links.
The clinic proposes solutions for ecological disorders in the city: it facilitates actions, attitudes, rituals and cures: a re-bound between nature, the city and human body.

The main focus is pollution in urban environments therefore we provide information about anti-pollution plants, bio-remediation techniques and if you bring a plant we can also provide measurement of the air quality in your environment.

Concept and design: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Scientific team: prof. Roeland Samson, Ana Castanheiro and Jolien Verhelst
Plants research and drawings: Nathalie Hunter
Action research and intervention: Steven Desanghere (Vredesactie vzw)
Documentation: Joey Van Kerckhove
Technical assistance: Mark Pozelp
Production assistance: Coproductie Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Curator: Coproductie Kunstencentrum Vooruit