wunderkammer, 2007

Wunderkammer or cabinets of natural curiosities were collections held in an attempt to define the world. They included specimens of plants, animals (sometimes faked), etc. and were precursors to museums.

I asked people taking part and organizing the exhibition this question:
Which fact, feature or product of the earth is able to captivate your mind today?

I used their answers to make drawings paintings and wall pieces.

"wunderkammer", 5 * 2m, walldrawing , les filles du calvaire, B

"Micro/macro", 80*60cm, lacquer on vynil, 2007

"Microbe, penicilium" 80*60cm, lacquer on vynil, 2007

"death", 60*40cm, lacquer on vynil, 2008

"beauty of monstruosity", 60*40cm, lacquer on vynil, 2008

"amazing octopusses", 1m*1m, marker  on wall, Les filles du calvaire, B