I love to draw and add a dash of colour on walls.
and on windows, ooh yeah
or a bus shelter
Here you find artistic and commercial wall drawings.  
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drilling company, Antwerp, 2018  

wating corner, Antwerp, 2018  

restaurant de pelgrim,2014, antwerp  

wunderkammer, 2009, Brussels, B  

exiled taboos, 2008, Antwerp,B  

1001 taboos, 2008, Brussels, B  

mapping TIK, 2012, Brussels, B  

1001 taboos, 2006, Hasselt, B  

1001 taboos, Hasselt, B  

do you body, 2004, Eindhoven, NL  

romy, 2005, walldrawing, Antwerp, B  

2003, deepinside, busshelter, B  

deepinside, 2003, busshelter, B  

laura, 2004, 8x3m, Ostend, B  

laura, 2004, detail, Ostend, B